International College of Surgeons – United States Section

83rd Annual Surgical Update


American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons

45th Annual Scientific Meeting

Providence, Rhode Island – April 28 to 30, 2022


Scientific Program as of April 18, 2022 (subject to change – speakers listed in planned presentation order)


Thursday, 4/28/2022, 3pm-6:30pm

Opening Session: Global Surgery 2022 and Featured Lectures


The first session of the conference will feature several special lectures including: The Dr. Andre Crotti Lecture, where you will learn about how Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) has been revolutionary in providing living donor opportunities to recipients; as well as a special lecture by the recipient of an ICS Honorary Fellowship during which the audience will learn about a new technology, Magnetic Surgery. The former ICS World President will provide a lecture that will help the audience understand the various elements of leadership, including personal experiences of examples of things to do and not to do.


The audience will also hear from various speakers on topics related to Global Surgery and humanitarian activities. Included will be informative lectures about endeavors of not only ICS members, but others in various parts of the world. A presentation from a relatively new group about the role of students and trainees in global surgery will also be included. Participants will gain a better understanding of the topics presented and be able to determine whether additional investigation is needed.


Moderators: Muriel Cleary, MD & Demetrius Litwin, MD


Honorary Fellow Lecture

Magnetic Surgery: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Michel Gagner, MD

Chief of Surgery, Westmount Square Surgical Center, Westmount Senior Consultant, Hopital du Sacre Coeur, Montreal - Westmount, QC, Canada


The Dr. Andre Crotti Lecture

The Global Evolution of Kidney Paired Donation for Patients with ESRD

Matthew Cooper, MD

Professor of Surgery, Georgetown University School of Medicine; Director, Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation; Director, Transplant Quality; Medstar Georgetown Transplant Institute - Washington, DC


Leadership in Surgery: Lessons Learnt (and still learning)

Georgios Tsoulfas, MD, PhD

Professor of Transplantation Surgery, Chief Department of Transplantation Surgery, Aristotle University School of Medicine - Thessaloniki, Greece


Development of Czech Medicine and Surgery and its Current Status

Karel Novák, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery (pensioner), Charles University Prague; Medical Faculty Pilsen, Palacky University Olomouc; West Bohemian University, Pilsen; Kliniken Nordoberpfalz, Weiden, Germany (Univ. Regensburg) – Rokycany, Czech Republic


Building Collaborative Partnerships with an Eye Towards Equity

Robert Riviello, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Surgery, Associate Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School - Boston, MA


Barnabas Alayande, MBBS, MBA

General Surgery Senior Registrar, West African College of Surgeons – Kigali, Rwanda


Striving for Equity in Global Surgery: the Role of the Needs Assessment

Erin Scott, MD

Global Surgery Research Fellow, General Surgery Resident, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School - Worcester, MA


The Development of Pediatric Surgery in Rwanda as a Model for Global Health

Michael Curci, MD

Retired General Surgery Residency Program Director, Maine Medical Center – Portland, ME


Pediatric Injuries During Wartime Require Efforts to Support Pediatric Surgical Trainings

Kathryn Campos, BA, MSc

Independent/Academic Student Researcher University of Washington School of Medicine, Dept. of Surgery and Harborview Injury Prevention Program - Seattle, WA


Quality of Life of Patients After Colorectal Cancer Surgery in Soba University Hospital, Sudan

Mohammed Adam, MBBS

MHPE, Teaching assistant, University of Khartoum - Khartoum, Sudan


WSF Honduras is now a Reality: It took 20 years but it is worth the effort!

Domingo T. Alvear, MD

Chairman, World Surgical Foundation - Mechanicsburg, PA


InciSioN; The Future of The Operating Room

Katayoun Madani, MS, MD

Global Surgery Fellow, Sadanah Trauma and Surgical Initiative, Chicago - Paradise Valley, AZ



Friday, 4/29/2022, 8am-9:45am

AANOS Annual Scientific Meeting Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery Part 1


The United States Section of ICS (ICSUS) is proud to continue its long standing relationship with the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons (the Academy). As such, the Academy has designated the ICSUS Annual Surgical Update as its Annual Scientific Meeting. Working closely with the members of the Academy to determine professional practice gaps and educational need, ICSUS planners representing these two major surgical specialties are developing two days of programming. Participants in this first session will receive valuable updates on the diagnosis and most advanced treatment options for a variety of Neurosurgical and Orthopaedic conditions. Learners will have a better understanding about the latest treatment options for Lumbar Central Stenosis, Fractures of the Scaphoid, Thoracolumbar Burst/Compression Fractures, as well as Knee and Hip issues. An update on new research related to the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease will also be provided.


Learners in this session will obtain information to appropriately determine whether further more advanced educational initiatives are required in order to effectively implement the provided information into practice.


Moderators: Sudhir Rao, MD & Lucia Zamorano, MD


Minimally Invasive Decompressive Surgery for Lumbar Central Stenosis

Lucia Zamorano, MD

Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine - Birmingham, MI


Management of Thoracolumbar Burst/Compression Fractures

Craig Clark, MD, PhD

Neurosurgeon, Greenwood Leflore Hospital - Greenwood, MS


Knee and Hip Tips and Tricks

Matthew E. Deren, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, University of Massachusetts Medical School,  UMass Memorial Medical Center - Worcester, MA


Fractures of the Scaphoid.  Case Study and Review of Treatment Options

Sudhir Rao, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Big Rapids Orthopaedics PC - Big Rapids, MI


Autologous Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells Improved Cognitive Function in Alzheimer’s Disease

Hisakazu Yamagishi, MD, PhD

Professor, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine - Kyoto, Japan


Friday, 4/29/2022, 8am-9:45am

Transplantation Surgery: Global Perspectives


Participants in this session will be provided with intensive instruction on several essential elements in transplant surgery such as; Transplant Oncology, Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowships, Xenotransplantation, Donation After Circulatory Death and Technology in Transplantation. Upon completion of the course, surgeons of all specialties will have a better more comprehensive understanding of the various topics related to transplant surgery presented during the symposium.


Moderators: Peter Kennealey, MD & Dinesh Ranjan, MD


Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowship: A pot-pourri of domestic and international trainees

Megan Adams, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Colorado Hospital - Aurora, CO


Transplant Oncology:  An Evolving International Field

Kristopher Croome, MD, MS

Professor of Surgery, Mayo Clinic Florida - Jacksonville, FL


Donation After Circulatory Death: The International Transplant Community Leaving the USA Behind

Trevor Nydam, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Colorado School of Medicine - Aurora, CO


Is Xenotransplantation the Future of Organ Transplantation?

Reza Saidi, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery, SUNY Upstate Medical University – Manlius, NY


The Role of Technology in Transplantation Surgery

Georgios Tsoulfas, MD, PhD

Professor of Transplantation Surgery, Chief Department of Transplantation Surgery, Aristotle University School of Medicine - Thessaloniki, Greece


Friday, 4/29/2022, 10am-12pm

Advances in Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery


In this special joint session, the members of the AANOS will join their colleagues from ICS to learn about several extremely interesting developments in Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery. Leaners will receive information about the latest in Total Hip Replacement, Cubital Tunnel Release, Endoscopic Spine Surgery and, Computerized Surgeon Assessment.


Upon completion of this session specialists in the topics covered will be able to determine whether the treatment options presented should be considered for certain situations. Leaners who do not practice Neurological or Orthopaedic Surgery will be able to more effectively make referrals for their patients who may require management of the maladies covered.


Moderators: Mark Perlmutter, MD & Lucia Zamorano, MD


Better, Stronger, Faster: Intraoperative Methodological Computerized Surgeon Assessment

Saikiran Murthy, DO, MA

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Orthopedics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center - Bronx, NY


Neurosurgical Keynote Lecture

Advances in Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Albert Telfeian, MD, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair Quality Assurance, Department of Neurosurgery; Director, Center for Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University - Providence, RI


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome- Historical and Current Management Trends

Katayoun Madani, MS, MD

Global Surgery Fellow, Sadanah Trauma and Surgical Initiative, Chicago - Paradise Valley, AZ


Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Release

Manuel DaSilva, MD

Associate Professor, ​Director Medical Student Education, ​Department of Orthopedic Surgery, ​Rhode Island Hospital​, Alpert Medical School at Brown University - Providence, RI


Outpatient Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Eric Cohen, MD

Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Brown University - East Providence, RI



Friday, 4/29/2022, 1pm-1:30pm

Honors Luncheon


Physician Financial Wellness: Understanding How Financial Advisors Work & Conflicts to Avoid

Andrew Taylor, CFP

Wealth Advisor, OJM Group, LLC; Member Financial Planning Association - Cincinnati, OH


Saturday, 4/30/2022, 8am-12pm

AANOS Annual Scientific Meeting Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery Part 2


Participants in this second session will receive updates on the diagnosis and treatment options for a variety of Neurosurgical and Orthopaedic maladies. Learners will be informed about and have the ability to discuss the following with the presenters: sarcopenia; high strength suture materials; the American Board of Neurological and Neurosurgical Critical Care; sagittal malalignment; pilocytic astrocytoma; sub-axial cervical facet subluxation; intracerebral injury and minimally invasive TLIF.


Moderators: Mohammad Janjua, MD & Lucia Zamorano, MD


Correction of Sagittal Malalignment with L5 Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy:
A Cadaveric Study

Muhammad Janjua, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery - Poplar Grove, IL


Minimally Invasive TLIF as Outpatient Procedure

Lucia Zamorano, MD

Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine - Birmingham, MI


High Strength Suture Materials in Orthopedic Practice

Naga Cheppalli, MD

Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

University of New Mexico - Albuequerque, NM


Sarcopenia and Low Back Pain

Amit Bhandarkar, MD

Orthopedic Spine and Pain Sugeon SSM Health Centralia IL. - Wildwood, MO


An Introduction to the American Board of Neurological and Neurosurgical Critical Care

Craig Clark, MD, PhD

Neurosurgeon, Greenwood Leflore Hospital - Greenwood, MS


Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma of Brain stem

Muhammad Janjua, MD

Assistant Professor University of Illinois Chicago - Poplar Grove, IL


Management of Traumatic Sub-axial Cervical Facet Subluxation - Techniques and Approaches

Gazanfar Rahmathulla, (MBBS) MD, MBA

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Medical Director of Neurosurgical Trauma, University of Florida College of Medicine , Jacksonville, Florida - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


The Role of Neuropeptide Agents in Intracerebral Injury Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Francis Samonte, MD PhD

Senior Research Associate, National Institute of Health - San Diego, CA


Saturday, 4/30/2022, 8am-9:45am

Rural Surgery: A Global View


Practicing surgery in a rural community is very different from being a surgeon in a big city. Large hospitals have not only more resources, but greater capacity than smaller community hospitals, which must alter how they manage unexpected increases in case load or patients.


During this session, you will hear from speakers who have experienced the challenges, as well as the rewards of being a rural surgeon. Those interested in a career in rural surgery will have a better understanding of what the requirements, are as well as the opportunities available. If you are not currently contemplating a career in rural surgery this session may aid in your decision making process.


Moderators: Melissa Johnson, MD & Thav Thambi-Pillai, MD


Surely the appendicitis did not go away! Acute appendicitis during the Covid lockdown. A rural hospital perspective and discussion of comparable effects in Europe and Asia.

Saptarshi Biswas, MD

Attending Surgeon, Department of General Surgery, Trauma and Surgical Critical care, Associate Program Director, General Surgery Residency, Grand Strand Medical Center - Myrtle Beach, SC


Breast Cancer Surgery and Breast Cancer Care in Resource Poor Areas

Mehra Golshan, MD, MBA

Professor of Surgery (Oncology), Yale School of Medicine; Executive Vice Chair Department of Surgery, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Yale Cancer Center - Southport, CT


Do Surgically Austere Environments Really Exist?

Faran Bokhari, MD

Professor of Surgery at Rush University Medical School; Chairman of Trauma Surgery, Cook County Hospital - Chicago, IL


The Value of Global surgery and Rural surgery training in Urban Academic Centers

Edie Chan, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery Rush University Medical Center - Chicago, IL


Surgical Philanthropy - How to Operate

Ravi Kothuru, MD

Residency Program Director, Chief, Division of Thoracic Surgery, Associate Chairman Department of Surgery; The Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center - Brooklyn, NY


Saturday, 4/30/2022, 10am-11am

General Plenary Session


ICSUS CME programs are rich in diversity and represent many surgical specialties. This multidisciplinary educational session seeks to provide content that improves the learner’s overall competence, performance or patient outcomes through interaction with peers. ICSUS encourages participants from all specialties to interact and learn from one another, thereby building a broad base of knowledge. In this short session developed from abstract submissions of ICS Fellows and others, presentations will cover the following topics: abdominal wall hernias, treatments for liver cancer, and central venous occlusion.


Moderators: John Kelly, MD & Dixon Santana, MD


Management of Abdominal Wall Hernias

Anthony N. Dardano, DO

Chief of Plastic Surgery Trauma, Associate Professor of Surgery, Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton, FL


Emerging  Personalized Treatments for Liver Cancer

Tobias Raabe, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Director, Translational Medicine Laboratory University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA


Central Venous Occlusion's Impact on Patients on Hemodialysis

Ehab Sorial, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery, Stanford University - Los Gatos, CA



Saturday, 4/30/2022, 11am-12pm

Annual Ethics Forum

Unvaccinated in Need of Transplant: To Transplant or Not, That is the Question!


During this session, the audience will be provided with two perspectives on the topic of transplantation in patients who are in need of an organ transplant, but are refusing the COVID vaccine. The speakers will address this controversy through the lens of the five main ethical principles. Topics to be covered will include policies motivated by utility, stewardship, and beneficence on one side and policies that emphasize justice and respect for persons, and seek to avoid worsening inequities or medical coercion on the other side. Following the speaker presentations there will be ample time for discussion and audience participation.


Moderators: Mayur Narayan, MD & Ehab Sorial, MD



Babak Movahedi, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School; Chief, Division of Organ Transplant Surgery, UMass Memorial Medical Center – Worcester, MA



Paul Morrissey, MD

Professor of Surgery, Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University; Director, Division of Organ Transplantation, Rhode Island Hospital – Providence, RI


Saturday, 4/30/2022, 1:30pm-4pm

Trauma and Critical Care Surgery in 2022

The latest on Trauma and Critical Care Surgery will be presented in this annual forum, along with a variety of unique cases and how they were handled. The audience will be made aware of what can be encountered in critical care situations and will have a better understanding of what to do if they come across similar cases. Featured will be topics on geriatric trauma, COVID 19 issues, blast injury, injury related to intoxication and care in a tertiary care hospital.


Moderators: Joshua Mammen, MD & Sharique Nazir, MD


Trauma Care in a Tertiary Care Hospital in India

Ahmad Abdul Hai, MS, FRCS, FICS, FIAMS, FAIS

Former Professor and HoD Surgery, Patna Medical College, Patna Bihar, India; Presently Director General Surgery, Paras HMRI Hospital, Bailey Road - Patna, Bihar, India


Thoracic Trauma

Loren Harris, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine - Staten Island, NY


Trauma Care During The COVID 19 Pandemic

Robert Davis, MD

Director of Trauma/ Surgical Critical Care, Harlem Hospital Center - NY, NY


Blast Injury

LTC Robert Madlinger, DO, MPH

Chief of Trauma, Acute and Surgical Critical Care, Mohawk Valley Health System, Utica, NY; Commander 1st Forward Resusitative Surgicalteam USAR USARC - Washington, NJ


Mechanism of Injury in Intoxicated Trauma Patients by Sex and Age Over Time

Anthony Kopatsis, MD

Senior Surgical Staff, ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount SInai/Elmhurst - New York, NY



Saturday, 4/30/2022, 4pm-5:30pm

Annual Research Scholarship Competition


Surgical Residents and Medical Students will participate in this annual contest. Submissions will initially be judged by the Scholarship Committee. Qualifying candidates will then make an oral presentation during the Annual Surgical Update. Oral presentations will also be judged by a special panel during the meeting in Providence. Scores will be combined to determine the winners of various prizes (including a monetary grand prize). Attendees will be presented with fascinating information by some of the brightest young minds in medicine.


Moderators: Katayoun Madani, MD & Tracy Sambo, MD


Outcomes and their State-Level Variation in Patients Undergoing Surgery with Perioperative SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the USA: A Prospective Multicenter Study

Osaid Alser, MD, MSc (Oxon)

General Surgery Resident, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Lubbock, TX


Chlorhexidine Gluconate Wound Irrigation and Surgical Site Infections in Renal Transplant Patient

Michael Burt, MD

General Surgery Resident, University of South Dakota - Sioux Falls, SD


Abdominal Perforation as a Complication of Tocilizumab use  in COVID-19 positive patients

Maaria Chaudhry, BS

Saint Louis University - New Castle, DE


A SIR Mathematical Model of Previous COVID-19 Strains to Analyze Delta Variant Spread

Alexandra Close

Student, University of Maryland, College Park - Olney, MD


Outcomes and Efficacy of MRI-compatible Sacral Nerve Stimulator for Management of Fecal Incontinence

Binit Katuwal, MD

Surgery Resident, Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan - Royal Oak, MI


Mortality Risk Factors in Patients Admitted with Tracheostomy Complications

Lior Levy, BA

New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY - Valhalla, NY


Mortality in GI Adhesions with Obstruction: A 10-year Study of 115,012 Patients

Akash Thaker, MS

Medical Student, New York Medical College - Valhalla, NY



Virtual Sessions

Contemporary Issues in Surgical Oncology


The field of surgical oncology is constantly changing with new therapeutic strategies being introduced rapidly. Additionally, with the identification of new genetic mutations, diagnostic strategies also have evolved. As such, surgeons who care for oncology patients need ongoing education to remain contemporaneous in the field.


Participants in this session will learn various current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to care for oncology patients. Areas covered will include melanoma, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer. Upon completion of the session participants will have increased their knowledge of contemporary oncologic diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.


Surgical Update - Pancreatic Cancer

Michael Jacobs, MD

Clinical Professor of Surgery, Ascension Providence Michigan State University CHM - Bloomfield Hills, MI


Surgical Management of Melanoma in the Era of Effective Systemic Therapies

Joshua Mammen, MD, PHD

Professor of Surgery, University of Nebraska - Omaha, NE


Breast Cancer Update

Colleen Murphy, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Colorado School of Medicine - Denver, CO


Contemporary Management of Well-Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Jessica Shank, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Surgical Oncology, Department of General Surgery, University of Nebraska Medical Center - Omaha, NE


Vascular Surgery 2022


Assorted presentations related to vascular surgery will provide learners with the latest information about those topics. Leaners will have a better understanding of these issues and be able to either implement the treatments discussed after more investigation or make better recommendations to patients with regard to available options to be provided by an appropriate specialist.


Endovascular Management of Axillo-subclavian Arterial Injuries at the Puerto Rico Trauma Hospital

Fernándo Joglar, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine - San Juan, PR


New Developments in Aortic Dissection

William Shutze, MD

Vascular Surgeon - Plano, TX


Up-to-date Approach to Lower Extremity Wounds Management

Ehab Sorial, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery, Stanford University - Los Gatos, CA




Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Symposium


The latest advances in reconstructive plastic surgery will be presented during this symposium. Learners will learn about and have a better understanding of: orthoplastic management of extremity wounds; reconstruction with negative pressure therapy; and negative pressure wound therapy.



Orthoplastic Approach to The Management of Complex Extremity Wounds

Ricardo Castrellon, MD

Program Director, Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Program, Larkin Community Hospital Palm Spring Campus – Miami, FL


Improving Surgical Outcomes Utilizing Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Anthony N. Dardano, Jr., DO

Chief of Plastic Surgery, Trauma Associate Professor of Surgery, Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton, FL


Optimizing Outcomes in Breast Reconstruction with Negative Pressure Therapy

Devinder Singh, MD

Chief and Program Director, Division of Plastic Surgery; Professor of Clinical Surgery; University of Miami Health Systems - Miami, FL


Panel Discussion - Orthopaedic Devices: Inequities, Challenges and Opportunities


There is a crisis of affordability and availability of orthopaedic implants for managing musculoskeletal trauma in LMICs resulting in serious morbidity, loss of income and financial catastrophe for patients. HICs also face challenges to reduce spiraling costs to patients. Multiple workarounds/practices are employed by patients and surgeons; some of which are dangerous and desperate. This panel discusses the current solutions to these problems, their pros and cons, ethics, and legislation. These discussions will be contrasted between HICs and LMICs. Also discussed will be proposed new solutions that will cohesively involve multiple stakeholders such as legislators, manufacturers and surgeons.



Kiran Agarwal-Harding, MD, MPH

Harvard Global Orthopaedics Collaborative, Boston, MA - New York, NY




Sayed Shah, MBChB

Associate; Warshow, Sheikh and Associates, Aga Khan University Hospital - Nairobi



Linda Chokotho, MBBS, MPH, PhD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Malawi University of Science and Technology - Blantyre, Malawi


Girish Gangan, MS (Ind Engg), BE (Prod Engg)

Chief Operating Officer, Uma Surgicals - Mumbai, India


Chris Lavy, FRCS

Professor of Orthopaedic and Tropical Surgery, NDORMS, University of Oxford - Oxford, UK


Emmanuel Makasa, MD

Adjunct Professor of Global Surgery & Founding Director  SADC -Wits Regional Collaboration Centre for Surgical Healthcare Department of Surgery , School of Clinical Medicine; Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand - Johannesburg, South Africa


Claude Martin, MD, MBA, MEd

Managing Director, AO Alliance Foundation - Thalwil, Switzerland


Irene Yang, BEng, BMedSci (Hons I)

DPhil; Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre, Oxford University – Oxford, UK


Lewis Zirkle, MD

Founder and President, SIGN Fracture Care International - Richland, WA


International Scholarship Competition


Residents and Medical Students training outside of the United States will participate in this new competition. A wide variety of topics will be covered that will highlight various aspects of surgery that are not necessarily common here in America. Participants are training in locations such as India, Sierra Leone and Grenada.


Topics presented will include discussions about COVID, diversity, breast cancer, surgical documentation and intestinal ischemia.


Intestinal Ischemia and COVID-19

Darshan B M, MBBS

Junior Resident,  Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, India


COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance Among Clinical Year Students at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone.

Abdul Karim Bah

Medical Student, College of Medicine And Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone, Freetown, Sierra Leone


Reasons for delay in presentation of breast cancer patients at a tertiary hospital in Sierra Leone

Ahmeda Kalla-Kalokoh

Medical Student, Freetown, Sierra Leone


Underneath These White Coats: A Promotion of Diversity Awareness Amongst Medical Students

Quentin Olivacce

Incision Director of Diversity and Inclusion, St. Georges University, Grenada


A Closed-loop Clinical Audit on Surgical Documentation at a Tertiary Level Hospital in India: Where Do We Stand?

Akatya Vidushi Sinha

Final year, MBBS Student, MGM Medical College & Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India