The Mission of the United States Section of the International College of Surgeons is to foster worldwide surgical excellence through education, training, fellowship and humanitarian efforts.

Goals for Accomplishing the Mission

The primary goal of the U.S. Section of ICS is to promote and participate in the exchange of surgical knowledge and techniques. As part of this goal, the U.S. Section wishes to cultivate and strengthen friendships with surgeons in other countries.

We will increase our visibility in the United States by acquainting other organizations having international interest with our activities. This visibility will be supported through an egalitarian social and technical milieu to encourage member participation.

Humanitarian purposes of the U.S. Section include assisting in surgical missions, worldwide disaster relief and surgical care, in cooperation with other agencies.

The College is dedicated to serving the needs of the surgeon, to enrich a member's life both personally and professionally. By providing high quality educational programs in unique settings and at significantly reduced rates, members have the opportunity to attend with family to experience the feeling of brotherhood the College imparts.

General Membership Requirements

To become a member of ICS (FICS) through the United States Section, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Licensed to practice medicine in the United States.
  2. Successfully completed a residency program in surgery, anesthesiology, pathology or radiology.
  3. Submit a fully completed application form.
  4. Provide three references who can attest to your ethical and professional qualifications.
  5. Pay the appropriate application fee.