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If presentation is research based description should include 4 specific paragraphs that cover the Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusions of the author.

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The Importance of Identification.  In order for the audience at a CME activity sponsored by the International College of Surgeons-United States Section (ICSUS) to evaluate information, analysis and opinions presented during the activity, it is crucial that the audience be informed of ALL financial relationships of a planner, speaker, author, peer-reviewer or spouse.  All planners, speakers, authors  and peer-reviewers for a CME activity are required to submit FULL DISCLOSURE of ALL financial relationships prior to the CME activity including those of a spouse or domestic partner.

Financial relationships are those relationships in which the individual benefits by receiving a salary, royalty, intellectual property rights, consulting fee, honoraria, ownership interest (e.g., stocks, stock options or other ownership interest, excluding diversified mutual funds), or other financial benefit. Financial benefits are usually associated with roles such as employment, management position, independent contractor (including contracted research), consulting, speaking and teaching, membership on advisory committees or review panels, board membership, and other activities from which remuneration is received, or expected. ACCME considers relationships of the person involved in the CME activity to include financial relationships of a spouse or partner.

A conflict of interest (COI) occurs when there is a divergence between an individual's private interests and his or her professional obligations to ICSUS such that an independent observer might reasonably question whether the individual's professional actions or decisions are determined by considerations of personal gain, financial or otherwise. A conflict of interest depends on the situation, and not on the character or actions of the individual.

A COI is present when a planner, speaker, author, peer-reviewer or spouse has both a current financial relationship with a commercial interest and the opportunity to affect content relevant to products or services of that commercial interest. Conflicts of interest are identified through an analysis of the information disclosed and an understanding of the planned content of the CME.

In order for the ICSUS to determine whether a conflict of interest exists, you must provide information about all financial relationships you have with a commercial interest. This includes relationships with companies that may not have an interest in your presentation, but with which you have a relationnship. ICSUS must be informed of all relationships to independently make the determination as to whether or not the relationship is relevant to your presentation.

I have read the policies (click here to view complete policy and FAQs) regarding “relevant financial disclosure” and I attest that:     

To the best of my knowledge: *

Clear Selection
List Financial Relationship(s)
Include relationship (paid speaker, consultant, shareholder, etc.) and name of company.

Speakers are also required to report if their presentation includes discussion(s) of investigational products or products not labeled for use.

Off-Label Disclosure:  (Including Generic Trade Names and Reporting Scientific Research) Presentations must give a balanced view of options.  Use of generic names in your presentation will contribute to this impartiality. Presentations supported by a commercial entity reporting the results of scientific research must conform to the generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection and analysis.   When an unlabeled use of a commercial product, or an investigational use not yet approved for any purpose is discussed during an educational activity it is required that the speaker disclose that the product is not labeled for the use under discussion or that the product is still investigational.

This Presentation: *

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Off-Label Procedure(s)/Product(s) under investigation include:
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