Canopy Innovations envisions a world without language barriers. Canopy has begun by working to assure that every limited English proficient (LEP) patient encounter is supported. The goal is to improve the quality of care for LEP patients and to support the clinicians who serve them by fostering provider-patient communication across language, cultural, and workflow barriers.


The Canopy Medical Translator Application

The Canopy Medical Translator application, developed with funding from the NIH, is designed to overcome the difficulties inherent in accessing medical interpreters, by enabling clinicians to interact with limited-English proficiency patients using pre-translated phrases and questions -- numbering over 4,000 and curated by experts -- for common, straightforward procedures, and further provides a one-touch capability to call a professional interpreter for more complex or sensitive conversations.




The Canopy Medical Spanish Course

The Canopy Medical Spanish Training Course teaches English-speaking providers the skills needed to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients. It is powered by a research-validated pedagogy and a rich array of interactive exercises, and consists of web-based curricula that deliver themed lessons at three successive levels of proficiency, incrementally building a learner’s medical language skills across six domains of communicative competence. The course was developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is geared to healthcare professionals. It’s self-paced, interactive, and focuses on common practitioner-patient interactions.




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