Vietnam Surgical Team

Dr. Zibari far left, Dr. Ari Halldorsson 3rd from left and Dr. Chu in yellow tie along with local medical staff in Hanoi, Vietnam.From October 3-10, 2010, ICSUS members, Drs. Quyen Chu and Gazi Zibari, led an ICS sanctioned and endorsed Surgical Team to Hanoi, Vietnam. Extensive training of local surgical staff at the University of Hanoi Medical Center was provided (see below) as well as the care of many patients. A significant amount of medical and surgical supplies for the team's use in the care of the local population were donated and brought by team members. This was an important part of this project as without the supplies many of the procedures performed would not have been possible.


Please feel free to contact either Dr. Zibari or Dr. Chu if you are interested in joining them on a future project. 


Dr. Gazi Zibari, Shreveport, LA (318.675.6122)

Dr. Quyen Chu, Shreveport, LA (318.675.6123)



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