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Delegates from the US Section participate in the ICS World Congress the week of November 5th in Ankara, Turkey.

Dr. Santana is the current US Section President, Dr. Thambi is the US Section President from 2021, Dr. Vithiananthan is the US Section President Elect and Dr. Mammen is the US Section Secretary. To the immediate right of Dr. Santana is Dr. Guido Parquet, the ICS World President Elect from Paraguay. To the right of Dr. Parquet is Prof. Aij-Lie Kwan from Taiwan, the current ICS World President.

Below, Dr. Parquet (far left) and Prof. Kwan (2nd from left) preside over the ICS Board of Governors Meeting. During that meeting, each of the US Section delegates mentioned above were elected to leadership positions at the international World Body level. Dr. Santana was elected as the next North American Federation Secretary and Dr. Thambi will be the ICS World President Elect beginning on January 1st (he will be the ICS World President beginning in 2026). Dr. Vithiananthan will be an Additional Executive Council Member and Dr. Mammen will be a Governor. 

Pictured above, far left is Dr. Vthiananthan with Dr. Biagio Ravo from Italy to his right. Dr. Thambi is in the center with Prof. Nadey Hakim from the UK (ICS World Past President) and Dr. Santana to his right.

Pictured above, Dr. Domingo Alvear and his wife Veneranda arrive at the Instanbul airport on their way to Ankara for the Congress. Dr. Alvear was elected as an ICS World Governor during the elections. He is also a US Section Regent for the State of Pennsylvania and Chair of the World Surgical Foundation.

In addition to those mentioned previously, the following list represents all US Section members who were elected to ICS World Body leadership positions for the term of January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2025. Congratulations!

President Elect - Thavam Thambi-Pillai, MD (Sioux Falls, SD)
North American Federation Secretary - Dixon Santana, MD (Lubbock, TX)
Additional Executive Council Member - Siva Vithiananthan, MD (Cambridge, MA)
Vice President - Mark Perlmutter, MD (Rocky Mount, NC)
Governor - Domingo Alvear, MD (Harrisburg, PA)
Governor - Harry Anderson, MD (Livonia, MI)
Governor - Anthony Dardano, DO (Boca Raton, FL)
Governor - Josh Mammen, MD (Omaha, NE)
Governor - Sharique Nazir, MD (Milltown, NJ)

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