Dr. Andre Crotti Award


Dr. Andre J. Crotti was the first President of the US Section (1937) and the second ICS World President (1938). Dr. Crotti was Medical Director of the Free Cancer Clinic in Columbus, Ohio, an institution he had founded in 1921. The Clinic was chiefly devoted to early detection and diagnosis of cancer. Recognizing the need for large sophisticated cancer centers where first-rate scientists would work together, Dr. Crotti, in later years, directed his energy to promoting a merger of the Clinic with the Health Center at Ohio State University. His vision became a reality in 1953 when the Clinic merged with the new Cancer Research Laboratories of the Health Center at Ohio State University.

Dr. Crotti, a founding member of the College is credited with the development of the College motto: Pro omni humanitate [for all humankind] and aphorism: La science n'a pas de patrie, parce que le savoir est le patrimoine de l'humanite, le flambeau qui eclaire le monde… [Science has no country, because knowledge is the patrimony of mankind, the torch that illuminates the world.] which is of course, a quote of Dr. Louis Pasteur. Finally, Dr. Crotti was also responsible for the conception and execution of the “French Certificate” Fellowship Diploma of ICS.

Dr. Crotti’s abundant contributions to the profession of surgery and the growth, success and prosperity of our United States Section are without question. He will serve as an admirable example for years to come to all those who are selected to receive The Dr. Andre Crotti Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession of Surgery.

2023 - Ronald Stewart, MD
2022 - Matthew Cooper, MD
2021 - David R. Farley, MD
2019 - Lloyd E. Ratner, MD

2018 - Robert L. Walton, MD
2017 - John L. Tarpley, MD

2016 - Michael G. Sarr, MD
2015 - John L. Cameron, MD
2014 - Bernhard T. Mittemeyer, MD

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