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ICS United States Section 81st Annual Surgical Update
AANOS 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meetings in Pennsylvania will continue to provide a registration discount for everyone who stays at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, our Conference Headquarters. We have negotiated a very favorable rate with Nemacolin and contractually committed for a minimum number of sleeping rooms based on our expected meeting attendance. While most meeting participants do stay at our Headquarters Hotel, there are always some who shop for a better deal online (sometimes at our hotel). This may save those individuals a little bit of money, but it could cost your organization a tremendous amount in fees and penalties that are incurred if we do not meet our minimum commitment - booking outside the ICS block does not count towards our contractual commitment. 

As a reward for those who do book in our conference hotel (within our block) we are providing a $100 discount on the meeting registration fee. To access this discount, reserve your hotel room with Nemacolin prior to registering for the meeting. Remember, the required deposit is refundable should your plans change or an emergency arise. Once you reserve your room, use the confirmation code provided to access the discounted meeting registration page by completing the fields below.

To reserve your room at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort now, click HERE and then click on the "BOOK" link in the upper right hand corner of the welcome page. Don't forget to include your Group Code - 10D675

Once you confirm your reservation, return to this page and enter your confirmation number in the field below along with your name, then click submit.

You will be redirected to the meeting registration page where rates have been discounted by $100

Please note, the registration discount must be taken at the time you register for the meeting. Should you register for the meeting at the higher rate and then reserve your room at Nemacolin later the $100 discount will not be refunded back to your credit card.

If you wish to review the registration fees and available options, click HERE or if you are not staying at Nemacolin and wish to register at the higher rate, please click HERE now.

Otherwise, enter your confirmation number below.

If you are local to the Pittsburgh area or staying with someone locally please contact ICSUS Headquarters to obtain a direct link to the discounted registration page. (Send email request to mkearney@ficsonline.org)

Nemacolin Confirmation Number *
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82nd US Section Annual Surgical Update
April 30 to May 2, 2020
Renaissance Downtown Hotel
Providence, Rhode Island

Check back soon for more information.




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