Specialty Codes

Use the following 4 letter codes to search for members by specialty...

  ANES           Anesthesiology                    
  COLR           Colon And Rectal Surgery          
  NEUR           Neurological Surgery              
  OBGY           Obstetrics & Gynecology           
  OPHT           Ophthalmology                     
  ORTH           Orthopaedic Surgery               
  OTOL           Otolaryngology                    
  PATH           Pathology                         
  PEDI           Pediatrics                        
  PSUR           Plastic Surgery                   
  RADI           Radiology                         
  GENS           General Surgery                   
  THOR           Cardiothoracic Surgery            
  VASC           Vascular Surgery                  
  UROL           Urology                           
  TRAN           Transplantation 

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