The following general topic suggestions are listed as submitted in no particular order (collected by the needs assessment survey conducted in May of 2018). Submissions that are related to one of these topics will be given priority during program development.

  1. Narcotic utilization
  2. Trauma resuscitation (latest thinking)
  3. Update stem cell therapy for heart failure.
  4. Evaluation of TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement).
  5. Hybrid operating room-cost and effectiveness.
  6. Advances in Rural surgery
  7. Trauma related topics
  8. Surgical emergencies for non-surgeons
  9. Hands on training
  10. Critical care
  11. DOACs
  12. Bariatric surgery & Hernia
  13. Strategies to be able to update surgical skills
  14. How to learn new techniques
  15. How to quit bad habits and retrain to do better
  16. Implementation of O/S humanitarian missions/jobs.
  17. Pain control protocols
  18. Practice management
  19. Reassessment of modern day preoperative sterile techniques and guidelines
  20. Surgery in rural America
  21. Hernia. Mgmt of appendicitis.
  22. Minimally invasive spine surgery.
  23. Pain mgmt with opioids.
  24. Optimization of EPIC / EMR to provide overview and specifics. Review of enhanced recovery after surgery programs to discuss how these are initiated & results quantified.
  25. Scoliosis Mgmt, Advances in Functional Neurosurgery, Vascular Neurosurgery
  26. Given the new era of climate change & nutritional perturbations, I propose a short program looking at the nutritional profile of children with hydrocephalus in the setting of neurosurgical intervention.
  27. How do I do video session (trauma/tumor/vascular)
  28. Guidelines/standards/ and its applications in surgery
  29. Degenerative lumbar spine treatment
  30. Artificial disk surgery and controversies
  31. Various pain management topics
  32. PRP/Stem Cell therapies
  33. Office based surgery, pain management, bleeding control techniques
  34. Define clinical instability of lumbar spine to learn proper treatment options. Use of BMP in anterior cervical spine surgery. Current recommendations for removal of spinal implants in certain situations.
  35. Emergency pre-hospital treatment. Emergencies on airplanes
  36. Arthroscopy knees & shoulders - use of MRI to evaluate unecessary surgery (WC).
  37. Need for cervical fusion based on MRI results alone - how to read MRI.
  38. Bone allograft for tumors. Treatment of pathologic bone tumors.
  39. Infection
  40. Pediatric and Hand Surgery
  41. Pediatric surgical oncology
  42. Malignant Bone Tumors
  43. Soft tissue sarcomas
  44. Trauma care, various levels and options
  45. Technology utility and usage versus cost
  46. Opioid use in surgery
  47. Surgery for the underserved in this country
  48. How the opiod crisis affects the safe practice of medicine with emphasis in surgical systems.
  49. Transplantation services; is it a DREAMERS nightmare? Essentially discuss how immigrant status affects transplant opportunities and what programs are available
  50. The impact of ethics and end-of-life discussions with patients and their families.
  51. Optimal management of esophageal perforation and how it impacts patient survival and hospital course.
  52. How the development of a robotics program by an institution changes its patient population and diversity of operative cases.
  53. Cost mgmt in healthcare
  54. Impact of merger & acquisition of hospitals
  55. Finance issues in medicine
  56. Stem cells in surgery



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