2022 Call for Presentations

International College of Surgeons
United States Section
83rd Annual Surgical Update

Surgery 2022: Global, Rural and Urban Experiences

April 28-30, 2022
Renaissance - Providence Downtown Hotel
Providence, RI

Submission deadline was October 1, 2021

If submission is accepted, preliminary Powerpoint presentations must be submitted by February 1, 2022. Draft PPT should be at least  75% complete, so that it can be reviewed for content validation. Final PPT must be submitted by April 1, 2022.

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International College of Surgeons-United States Section
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2021 CME Committee Chair and 2022 President
Mark N. Perlmutter, MD, Rocky Mount, NC

2021 Chair, Council of Specialty Groups
Sharique Nazir, MD, Brooklyn, NY

2022 CME Committee Chair
Dixon Santana, MD, Lubbock, TX


Join your colleagues from the United States Section as well as other parts of the world as we gather for our 83rd Annual Surgical Update at the Renaissance - Providence Downtown Hotel in Providence, RI.  Our meeting destination will provide the perfect setting for not only a CME activity, but also an opportunity to visit 

Under the direction of our 2021 CME Chair, Dr. Mark Perlmutter, this conference will be dedicated to the current needs of attendees and enhance your practice through improved Performance, Competence, Knowledge and Patient Outcomes. The particular topics presented will focus on providing unique and stimulating continuing medical education for the general surgeon and surgical specialist.

This activity will present both multidisciplinary and specialty specific treatment options, many of which will be related to our theme Surgery 2022: Global, Rural and Urban Experiences. Planned topics include updates on recent advances in surgical techniques as well as other selected surgical and non-surgical topics that address professional practice gaps as determined by the Planning Committee.

The overall goal of this conference will be to enhance surgical technique, to improve surgical knowledge, foster continued training and ultimately advance patient care. As a result of needs assessment surveys and extensive research by the planning committee; a number of topics have been identified that address the professional practice gaps of meeting attendees. In addition, ICS Fellows and other interested surgeons and surgical specialists are encouraged to submit a presentation proposal that may be of interest to meeting attendees. To see a list of topics that have been identified as being of interest, click HERE.

Proposed presentations that fall outside the identified topics may be accepted for inclusion in a general plenary session or may be included in planned specialty specific sessions as appropriate. Sessions related to the following specialties are being considered by the Planning Committee at this time; Transplantation, Rural Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Global Surgery, Practice Management / Physician Wellness, General Surgery (to include topics such as Breast Cancer, Hernia, Colorectal & Bariatric Surgery, etc.), Neurological Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery.

All presentation proposals must be submitted through the ICS US Section website (see link below).

Only content that has been properly submitted electronically through this website will be considered for inclusion in the program. Submission is open to ICS members as well as non-members. We encourage ICS Fellows to share this information with your non-member colleagues. Please note that all those submitting a proposal are expected to pay appropriate registration fees (in advance of the conference) if your presentation proposal is accepted. Failure to pay registration fees by the due date will disqualify your submission.


After October 1, 2021 the link to the submission page will be deactivated.

Only content that has been properly submitted electronically through this website will be considered for inclusion in the program. Submission is open to ICS members from anywhere in the world as well as nonmembers. We encourage ICS Fellows to share this information with your non-member colleagues. Please note that all those submitting a proposal are expected to pay appropriate registration fees if your presentation proposal is accepted.

Submitted presentations should: be original, contain evidence that information is data-driven and address the latest in clinical surgical applications. Proprietary names of drugs and or instrumentation are not allowed, generic names must be used.

ALL content authors are required to disclose any financial relationship(s) with an ACCME defined ineligible company ("industry") at the time of submission. In addition, you must also disclose your relationship (or lack thereof) at the time of presentation as well as in your opening PowerPoint slides. According to the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), “An ineligible company is considered any entity producing, marketing, reselling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients.” Please refer to links below for a full definition and a list of all exceptions. For example, for-profit hospitals, group-practices, government organizations, etc., are not considered an ACCME defined ineligible company. However, surgical device companies and pharmaceutical companies are ineligible companies. Submissions will NOT be accepted from content authors who are employees or owners of an ineligible company.

(Click the “Frequently Asked Questions” link to view ICSUS policies for the identification and resolutions of “Conflict of Interest”.   All planning committee members and faculty (this includes potential faculty through abstract submission) are required to adhere to these policies. Those individuals who fail to comply will be removed or excluded from the program.  

Click here to review additional Speaker/Faculty Guidelines                           

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Submission Deadline was October 1, 2021  (Email mkearney@ficsonline.org for more information)

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