Diversity Series (Educational Papers)

I am pleased to introduce to you a series of articles that will be published on our website over the next several months regarding topics in diversity issues as they relate to the practice of surgery. As an international organization, we are more sensitive than most about the nuances involved in dealing with others of different cultures, languages, educational experiences and genders -- the host of influences that make us different from one another and that can hinder the work that we do. The Unites States Section has a proud heritage of inclusion and this series will serve to highlight our achievements and to reflect on areas where we can make improvements in our daily dealings with people who may be quite different from ourselves. At the conclusion of the series, these articles will be available in print as a monograph to those who request them. This first article, Cross Cultural Communication: Patient's and Surgeon's Perspectives, is written by Mala Seshagiri, Director of Health Education in The Permanente Medical Group of Hayward and Fremont, California and is available by clicking the link below. Ms. Seshagiri is known to many of you as a speaker at prior annual ICS US Section Annual meetings.

Jay Bachicha, MD, FICS, FACOG, FACS
2010 President 
United States Section
International College of Surgeons

1. Cross Cultural Communication: Patient's and Surgeon's Perspectives

2. Overcoming Subtle Racism in Medicine  (Added 1/18/2011)

3. Challenges to Neurosurgical Professionalism  (Added 2/10/11) 
           Due to Copyright restrictions, this paper is only available to ICS Fellows (login required)





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