2015 Annual Fund Drive

The following Fellows and friends of the US Section have made generous donations in response to the Annual Fund Drive solicitation circulated in September of 2015. If you don't see your name on this list, donations are always welcome. www.ficsonline.org/donate

This list includes donations that have been received and posted as of October 26, 2015.

Congratulations to this year's winner of a $250 ICSUS Gift Certificate, Dr. Frank Scaccia of Red Bank, New Jersey.

Benefactor Level Donors  

Uretz John Oliphant   
Francis J. Podbielski   
Chand Ramaiah
Adib H. Sabbagh    

Director Level Donors   

Domingo Alvear
Alfred O. Bonati   
Ari O. Halldorsson    

Leader Level Donors        

Louis M. Alpern   
Willie J. Banks, Jr.   
Luis Cervantes
Becky Saha   
Thavam C. Thambi-Pillai   
Mallory Williams 
Jacob Varon 

Fellow Level Donors        

Elie D. Aboulafia
Gregorio Aglipay   
Jean Louis Benae
Philmore A. Blake   
Frank P. Bongiorno
Anthony J. Catanese   
Steve T. Charles
James M. Clayton   
Stephen D. Conrad
Osvaldo Contarini   
Raymond A. Dieter, Jr.   
Paz A. Fernandez-Cruz   
Roman O. Filipowicz   
Rodolfo Garza-Morales  
Roger L. Gonda, Jr.   
Gerald Q. Greenfield, Jr.   
Earl T. Hecker   
Mitchell L. Kaphan
Nabil Y. Khawand   
Sung-Tao Ko   
Isabelo R. Lim   
Geoffrey Miller   
J. Michael Millis   
David V. Nasrallah   
James W. Northington   
Michael S. Nussbaum   
Richard E. Pearl   
Norman Rose   
Pon Satitpunwaycha   
Frank J. Scaccia   
Gunter Schwarzbart   
Lawrence J. Singerman
Peter Somers   
Richard Marc Spiro   
Kishore S. Tonsekar   
L. Dieter Voegele   
Ronald W. Wadle   
Lauren A. Welch   
Irvin H. Willis   
Gregory Windham   


David Paul Sufian   
F. M. B. Teixeira    

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