ICSUS Surgical Team to Ukraine – May 29 to June 4, 2016

ICSUS Team Leader Dr. George Kuzycz

In total the team consisted of 18 people, including 7 physicians/surgeons, 1 nurse, 3 OR techs and a variety of helpers and translators. The team arrived in Ivano-Frankivsk in the Ukraine on Sunday, May 29, 2016. That day the team participated in a press conference with the mayor and subsequently unpacked all the supplies that had been sent during the past year. In excess of 20 large boxes, including one anesthesia machine and assorted laporascopic equipment, were sent in advance for the team to use and left behind for future use by the local medical staff.

Monday, May 30th was clinic day during which the team saw patients in consultation for surgery. On this day and in between surgeries on the days that followed the team saw more than 200 patients.

Tuesday to Friday were operating days. Most of the cases were done by the team, with one of the local surgeons assisting, but many times the team members performed surgery with limited assistance. The team did or was involved in 44 surgical cases during the week.

Local hosts conducted several official receptions at which the mayor and his wife as well as some of the local doctors from the hospital were in attendance. The team members had a rewarding experience and are hoping to go back in the future. Overall the team did some good, operated on a number of people in need and instructed local medical staff about techniques with which they were not familiar.

The US Section of the International College of Surgeons provided financial support for this project and extends its gratitude to the members of the team for their humanitarian contributions.






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