2019 Annual Fund Drive

The following Fellows and friends of the US Section have made generous donations in response to the Annual Fund Drive solicitation circulated in August of 2019. If you don't see your name on this list, donations are always welcome. www.ficsonline.org/donate

This list includes donations that have been received and posted as of September 4, 2019. 

Thank you for your support!

Elie D. Aboulafia
Jalal Afnan
Muhammad Anwar
Harold M. Arrington
Willie J. Banks, Jr.
Frank P. Bongiorno
Anthony J. Catanese
Richard A.K. Chaffoo
Samim Chalabi
Dudley S. Danoff
Raymond A. Dieter, Jr.
Anthony J. Durante
Jeffrey Epstein
Paz A. Fernandez-Cruz
Alexander Gellman
Stephen X. Giunta
Roger L. Gonda, Jr.
Gerald Q. Greenfield, Jr.
Earl T. Hecker
Nabil Y. Khawand
Andrew S. Klein
James D. Luketich
Willis P. McKee, Jr.
John J. Messitt
W. Stephen Minore
Jerry E. Mitchell
Maseih M. Moghaddassi
Pedro Montano-Martinez
David V. Nasrallah
David R. Onsager
Francis J. Podbielski
Norman Rose
Adib H. Sabbagh
Sibu & Becky Saha
Gunter Schwarzbart
Richard N. Scott
Michael B. Shannon
Richard M. Siebold
Pramod Srivastava
Kishore S. Tonsekar
L. Dieter Voegele
Ronald W. Wadle
Alan L. Wagner
Donald Weaver
William C. Welch
Graham Frank Whitfield
Irvin H. Willis






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