2020 Annual Fund Drive

The following Fellows and friends of the US Section have made generous donations in response to the Annual Fund Drive solicitation circulated in October of 2020. If you don't see your name on this list, donations are always welcome. www.ficsonline.org/donate

This list includes donations that have been received and posted as of December 31, 2020.

Congratulations to Dr. Pon Satitpunwaycha from Houston, the winner of our donor raffle.

Thank you all for your support!

Jalal Afnan
Louis M. Alpern
Domingo T. Alvear
Manuel A. Alzugaray
Danilo K. Asase
Mahmud Bangash
Michael E. Bearb
Deo Kalyan Bhati
Gunjan L. Bhatnagar
Phyllis C. Bleck
Frank P. Bongiorno
Charles H. Campbell
Anthony J. Catanese
Resit C. Cezayirli
Fernando G. Diaz
Raymond A. Dieter, Jr.
Steven Dominguez
John A. Downey
Robert M. Gasior
Mitchell J. Gianogbbe
Stephen X. Giunta
Roberto E. Granato
Gerald Q. Greenfield, Jr.
Zaki-Udin Hassan
Abdelkaker Al Hawasli
Earl T. Hecker
Michael J. Jacobs
Nabil Y. Khawand
Sung-Tao Ko
George Kuzycz
Rifat Latifi
Rande H. Lazar
Demetrius E.M. Litwin  *
Willis P. McKee, Jr.
Christopher B. Michelsen
Geoffrey Miller
Thomas Mincheff
W. Stephen Minore
Pedro Montano-Martinez
David V. Nasrallah
Enrico Nicolo
Nehzat Nikakhtar
Albert H. Olivencia-Yurvati
David R. Onsager
Kitti K. Outlaw
Mark N. Perlmutter  *
Francis J. Podbielski
Edward E. Quiros
Adib H. Sabbagh  *
Pon Satitpunwaycha
Michael B. Shannon
Pramod Srivastava
Joel J. Teplinsky
Thavam C. Thambi-Pillai  *
Kishore S. Tonsekar
L. Dieter Voegele
Ronald W. Wadle
Julio E. Williams
Richard Y. Zhu

* Benefactor Level Donors

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