The following topic suggestions are listed as submitted (collected by the needs assessment survey conducted in July of 2021).

Submissions to the Call for Presentations that are related to one of these topics will be given priority during program development for the 2022 Annual Surgical Update in Providence, RI.

  • Acute care surgery
  • Artificial intelligence in surgery
  • Bariatric surgery updates
  • Behavioral and psychological factors in pain and cognition
  • Brain tumor management
  • Breast biopsy techniques in a limited resource setting
  • Cancer surgery during a pandemic - impact on care and outcomes
  • Clinical instability of spine defined
  • Creating diversity and inclusion in surgical education and practice
  • Damage control in underserved or overwhelmed environments
  • Environmentally friendly conversion of the OR
  • Essential Surgical Skills Training
  • Hand surgery updates - FX treatment
  • Hernia management / treatment updates
  • How to do a better job training residents
  • Humanitarian Surgical Assistance
  • Innovations in surgical equipment
  • International Collaboration for Surgical Training
  • Laser treatments as an alternative to surgery
  • Long term results of spinal surgery
  • Mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage as pre and post operative as adjunctives
  • Neurocritical care in head and SCI
  • Neuro oncology, brain and spinal cord tumors
  • Neurological trauma
  • New treatments for pancreatic cancer
  • Open vs lap surgery in the abdomen - comparative outcomes
  • Ortho joint tips and tricks
  • Outcomes measures for cancer in non-academic centers
  • Pain management topics
  • Physician wellness
  • Plastic surgical techniques in breast restoration
  • Pneumotosis of small bowel; etiology and treatment options
  • PRP and sports medicine
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Renal cell cancer
  • Robotics in neurosurgery
  • Robot vs lap - money issues
  • Rotator cuff - mini-open vs scope (results)
  • Rural surgery - operative experience
  • Rural surgery - residency training experiences
  • Simulation for surgeons
  • Spine trauma
  • Successful solutions for a rural surgery practice
  • Surgery during COVID
  • Surgery for pancreatic cyst disease
  • Surgical complications for treating patients with COVID-19
  • Surgical treatment of discogenic pain after failed conservative treatment
  • Surgical quality and safe care
  • Telemedicine, telesurgery, telementoring
  • Treatment options for cervical spinal cord injuries
  • The rapid development of a vaccine (Covid-19)
  • Use of neuromuscular monitoring in elective spinal surgery...standard of care?
  • Wound care optimaization


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