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The following individuals have or had a relationship with the ICS US Section. Being included in the list does not confirm that an individual is an active member of the organization. Please contact the ICS US Section offices to verify membership. This website is not intended for referral services.

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Shabirhusain S. Abadin, MD, Darien, IL (GENS)

Iftikharul Abbasy, MD, Oak Brook, IL (GENS)

Joseph G. Abdo, MD, Globe, AZ (GENS)

Senan Sabah Abdul-hamed, MD, Lubbock, TX (gens)

Muwaffak Abdulhak, MD, Detroit, MI (neur)

Raed Abdulkareem, MD, Chicago, IL (gens)

Ahmed Abdullah, MD, Fargo, ND (PSUR)

Lambert R. Abeyatunge, MD, Las Vegas, NV (GENS)

Moustapha Abou-Samra, MD, Ventura, CA (NEUR)

Elie D. Aboulafia, MD, Farmington Hills, MI (VASC)

Georges S. Abourjaily, MD, Cape Elizabeth, ME (GENS)

Eyad Abu-Isa, MD, Southfield, MI (sonc)

Kenneth N. Adatto, MD, New Orleans, LA (ORTH)

G. Kendrix Adcock, MD, Maitland, FL (gens)

Azeez P. Adeduntan, MD, Athens, GA (VASC)

Sebastian Adibe, MD, Jersey City, NJ (ORTH)

Hilton C. Adler, MD, East Setauket, NY (PSUR)

Marcel Admoni, MD, Great Neck, NY (OPHT)

Harold P. Adolph, MD, Sebring, FL (GENS)

Jalal Afnan, MD, Waite Hill, OH (OTOL)

Results 1-20 of 1,228 matching records

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